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Altruistic capital, altruistic royalties: it’s the financing process that makes it efficient. 23 octobre 2008

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Capital – for a company – and royalties – for an artistic venture: in them lies financial value.

I’ve just come across on the New York Times, an example of an “altruistic royalties” put into action by Even Ensler author of The Vagina Monologues. Eve Ensler applied the concept of Altruist Capital by donating the royalties of her play to her V-Day foundation (it fights violence and discrimination against women).
If the play goes ahead with volunteers its profits will be used to finance V-Day’s humanitarian actions.

  • The play has been performed a countless number of times worldwide. It is today the most performed play around the world, before Shakespeare and Moliere (it’s a rather good play, but it’s clear that this worldwide success goes much beyond the simple quality of the piece).
  • 39 Millions Euros have been collected over 10 years


There is no better example of interaction between an actual donation and the success of a business. It’s thanks to the donation structure chosen by Even Ensler that she could create such a community (directors, actresses – and of course the public) that is the very heart of the play’s success. Jane Fonda, Glenn Close, Kate Winslet, Meryl Streep and so many others have played pro-bono.

This was such a unique and efficient example that the Business School of Harvard turned it into a study case.

Altruistic Capital is quite simply the same exact line of thinking applied to the business world.

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